The best way of integrating students is an integration by peers. In order to facilitate the integration of international students, HYBRIA involves the Student Union Office.

When a group integration is to happen, the Student Union Office organizes a buffet-lunch and a visit of the city.

Long-term Integration of students is organized on several levels:

  • between students
  • between teachers
  • between the administrative teams

These mentoring actions permit us to integrate students personally and in a flexible way.


All the classes delivered to our incoming foreign students are delivered in English. However, it is important for us to share the French language and culture with them.

Therefore, at the beginning of each incoming mobility programme, we deliver an intensive 1-week course on French language (morning course) and other courses such as history, cross-cultural management and city visits in English (afternoon). Students are therefore able to get by in France.

These courses are delivered by experienced teachers, specialized in teaching French at a “survival” level in a professional context. Our team of the International Relations monitors the cultural discovery of Lyon area, France and Europe.

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