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At HYBRIA Institute of Business and Technologies we made the choice to organize all incoming semester or seminar mobility for students from our partner institutions in classes held in English. At the same time we insist on the discovery of French culture, society and economy and on the acquisition of survival skills in French.

Francophone students from other countries can fully integrate the HYBRIA study programme in the first year or in the 3rd year after 2 years with 120 validated ECTS credits in technical higher education. They will have to follow the normal admission procedures presented on the HYBRIA website with an interview organized at distance. A certain number of our programs are work-study programs. To be able to integrate a work-study program, a first year in a full study program is required.



This package program specialized in International Business is organized together with our partner school EKLYA and combines modules in English from the 3rd year bachelor in business development and from the first year of the Master ‘Manager of International Business Development’ at EKLYA. Through this program, normally organized from September to December, students from our partner institutions can validate 30 ECTS credits and obtain, in one semester, an International Business Certificate from HYBRIA.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fall semester 2020 session is maintained and we organize a supplementary session between January and April 2021 (10 participants minimum).                                                                                                      

The International Business Certificate program is organized in 3 blocks  :

  • a first block reserved to international students to discover France and its language at least on a survival level with field visits in and around Lyon. The French language program can be adapted if students already have basic knowledge in French.
  • a core block with modules in international business and business English, where the international students are integrated in courses held in English for our local students
  • an international business project carried out by the international students in small groups tutored by HYBRIA academic staff

Click here for an overview of the different modules and ECTS credits of the program

Incoming Mobility


For several years HYBRIA Institute of Business and Technologies has been organizing, in cooperation with our partner school EKLYA, international seminars held in English with a duration between one and three weeks for students of partner higher education institutions in and outside of Europe.

Seminar weeks are organized every year in November for German students of the Berufsakademie in Leipzig to offer them an intensive immersion into the culture and the economy of France and Lyon with a focus on intercultural differences and one day of problem based learning (usually in a Business Game set-up) in group work together with French students.

We also organized more specialized seminar weeks for international partners, such as seminars on the luxury and fashion business in France for partner universities in England and in Spain.

Since 2016, HYBRIA / EKLYA gained a significant experience in longer 3-week workshop-seminars organized for students of universities in the Daegu region in South Korea under the leadership of our partner Keimyung University. These longer seminars called « Global Living Lab » and financed by the Korean LINC+ program help Korean students from different faculties to gain Global skills. The seminars are focussing on Problem/Project Based Learning (PBL) in student groups with a social, environmental or entrepreneurial problem subject chosen by HYBRIA/ EKLYA and validated by LINC+. The students have to be motivated by the challenge to find viable solutions to the problem subject.

The 3-week Global Living Lavb program comprises 2 phases :

Week 1: introductory phase in plenary sessions and excursions

– Understanding of French and European culture and society
– Acquisition of survival skills in French
– Visits/excursions and team building

Week 2 and 3: project phase in group work with lectures, field visits and tutoring

– Understanding the problem and establishing the project plan
– Elaborating and finalizing the project according to the plan
– Final presentation of the project outcomes in front of an assessment committee

In the coming years, HYBRIA wants to further develop tailor-made international seminars on varied topics and in different formats corresponding to our partner universities needs.



The international department monitors the admission and integration of all international students at HYBRIA and the exchanges with the sending partner institutions abroad.  Prior to the mobility we give all incoming students full information to facilitate academic and practical integration. The international department deals with the admission of international students and provides logistic help for example in visa and administrative procedures.

The following link to the HYBRIA WELCOME GUIDE will give you detailed academic and practical information with many useful links.

Link to HYBRIA WELCOME GUIDE (available in September 2020)

Social integration is essential for the success of incoming mobility and the best way to ensure social integration is the participation and engagement of our local students. At HYBRIA we set up a student buddy system to accompany each incoming international student in his integration at HYBRIA but also in the student life in Lyon. The international club of the students’ union will recruit and pilot the student buddies. The international department will also cooperate with the international student club for the welcoming of larger student groups from one of our partner institutions. During short duration seminars the club will be able to organize a common buffet-lunch shared with HYBRIA students and a tour through Lyon or an evening activity.

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