In France, higher education programmes specialized in engineering usually have an insufficient level of English and other foreign languages are rarely taught. That is why, at HYBRIA, we insist on the importance of language acquisition. This makes our students able to negotiate in different languages once they are graduated.

Two foreign languages are compulsory: 1) English; 2) German, Italian or Spanish. During the 5 years of studies at HYBRIA, students are delivered 250 hours of English classes. 150 of them are delivered during the first and second year in order to improve the students’ level as fast as possible, and to prepare them for the academic mobility in semester 5. During the second year, students follow courses in order to adapt themselves to a foreign country: business English, oral presentation, writings…

When students come back from their academic mobility, and especially in 4th and 5th year, there will be fewer but more specialized English courses. Furthermore, they are combined with other courses delivered in English.

One of our short-term objectives is to deliver mostly courses in English in at least one semester of the 4th and 5th year.

We deliver courses in a second foreign language. During their 5-year curriculum, students will attend 160 hours in a compulsory second language.

During the language courses we foster a very operational pedagogical approach.

To obtain their diploma and graduate, students must obtain standardised certifications in order to evaluate the foreign language levels. In English, they must reach a level of 785 points in the TOEIC exam.

HYBRIA offers the opportunity to take optional classes in a third foreign language: Arabic, Mandarin, Russian (46 hours of courses in evening classes). For students who need to further enhance their English language, instead of a third language, we deliver English support classes.




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