The « corporate relations » team organizes various events for you to boost your activity towards our students and to help you find your future team members. Please contact Caroline Delacroix in order to participate in the following events. :

Recruit during our Corporate Forums

This much anticipated event let companies meet our students for internships, full time jobs and apprenticeships. Inspired by the concept of “speed dating”, the forum focuses on short face-to-face interviews with many of our Hybriens, ready to compete and present the best of their competences. The Corporate Forums take place twice a year in our Campus.

In order to participate, you need to register first by contacting us.

Participate in Talents’ Days

The objective of the Talents’ Days are based on preparing our students for their internship research. Three times a year, in accordance with the study level of the students, we propose 10 HR themes. Among these subjects (in French and in English), we have : writing a resume, simulating interviews, using social networks, negotiating wages…

Hold a conference

We organize conferences on different topics in our school on a monthly basis : experience sharing, company presentation, or business segment presentation, current events, innovations etc… These conferences seek for curiosity among our students and allows you to introduce your company and its specificities.

Be part of the oral examinations’ board at HYBRIA

Every year, our board of examination is composed of people from the professional world. We consider this as an opportunity to make a correlation between corporate expectations and our students’ profiles.

Your participation among the examination boards can be an opportunity for you to meet potential future team members.

Request tailor made recruitment events

In order to introduce your company, your projects, HYBRIA is willing to welcome your directors, managers, human resources representatives in face-to-face meetings with a selection of our Hybriens.

Organize student visits in your company premises

Student are invited to discover your activity in a different way (head office, production unit, business unit, etc…). That way, you can share your knowledge and your company culture with them. We organize corporate visits in order to enhance our students’ curiosity and raise their interest towards new areas and new professions.


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