INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY OF HYBRIA Institute of Business and Technologies

HYBRIA Institute of Business & Technologies is a school established by the Chamber of Commerce Lyon Métropole – Saint-Étienne – Roanne in 2015, linked to the engineering school INSA Lyon. We deliver an innovative hybrid programme, both technical and commercial. In 3 or 5 years, we train business engineers with the bicultural aspect necessary for the exercise of their future job: management in business engineering.

Launched 4 years ago, HYBRIA succeeded in carrying out a triple mobility programme for its students:

  • 1-semester-long academic mobility during the third year
  • 1 semester-long internship abroad in an English-speaking company
  • Mobility of discovery and opportunity: participation in international contests and professional fairs abroad

Our international development will be implemented in a 3-step timeline:

Offer our students a first professional experience abroad

  • Take part in short mobility actions with CCI partners abroad
  • One semester of professional mobility (compulsory internship abroad)

Reinforce students’ international experience with a compulsory academic mobility abroad

  • Build a partnership network for HYBRIA
  • Integrate a compulsory academic mobility during the 5th semester
  • Establish a catalog for HYBRIA’s international partners highlighting Seminars and modules in English in order to promote incoming mobility
  • Initiate Exchange of teachers

Consolidate academic exchanges

  • Build double degree diplomas between HYBRIA and its partners
  • Exchange of teachers with potential research projects

The main criteria for the selection of current and future partners of HYBRIA Institute of Business and Technologies are:

1 – Qualitative approach:

We aim at building a group of international partners with whom we wish to establish an enhanced relationship. We seek partnerships that could permit our students to take part in real business projects in an industrial environment abroad.

2 – Partners able to adapt to the hybrid approach of HYBRIA:

  • Partners who benefit from a strong relationship with the local industrial and technological ecosystem of their region
  • Diversity in the curriculum delivered by our partners, with a major in business and international business. But also 30% of the courses based on technical topics

3 – An international development adequate to our economic environment:

As a school founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lyon Metropole – Saint-Etienne – Roanne, we seek partners in cities or regions with a similar economic & technological ecosystem.

4 – Partners open to different forms of mobility:

We are looking for short-term incoming seminars based on specific themes in France.




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